Agasyst: Farm Management Software Tool

Agasyst Scouting

  • False Codling Moth (FCM/FMS) monitoring (traps and fruit cutting)
  • Fruit Fly (FF) monitoring
  • Bactrocera dorsalis (BD) monitoring

Agasyst Imaging

Includes NDVI, NIR, and Moisture Maps. These will make it easier to identify problematic areas on the farm and make informed decisions for corrective action.


Agasyst iScout

Will improve staff management and assist in tracking data faster. This includes tracking scouts while they are moving through your orchards. All data generated is digital.

Agasyst Application

Data includes yield data, sampling data, products and equipment management, and tasks, to mention a few.



An Ammonia-free contact surface cleaner used to remove food coating build-up from all surfaces in post-harvest packing facilities including rollers, brushes, nylon, belts, hard/metal etc.
Always ensure that surfaces that have been treated with Wax-Off are properly rinsed with clean running water before packing commences. Available in 20L containers.


Download label (PDF)


Active ingredient: Ammonia-free formulation


All products should have their active ingredients listed on the packaging or container they come in. The packaging also shows how much of the active ingredient is in that particular formulation. This is the strength of the formula. Some products can have the same brand name, but come in different strengths of an active ingredient, so they can be used for different conditions.

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